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Looking for a director payroll service that can deliver maximum returns with minimal effort? With our automated pay run solution - Director Pays - payroll bureaux can save time on payroll tasks, and focus on business growth.

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How long do you spend each month processing director pays?

Director payrolls can typically take 10 minutes for each client every pay run. But what if you have a good amount of directors under your belt? Before you know it, 10 minutes drags on for another hour, and an entire day could gradually be consumed by processing director payrolls each month. How much time are you spending clicking buttons, that could be invested into more strategic work?

With Director Pays, the only time investment required is the initial set up for each client, and then you can automate the entire pay process - no need to touch payroll again for the rest of the year!

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Automate director payroll processes from end to end, including:

  • Pay runs & pay schedules
  • Tax & NIC calculations
  • HMRC reporting; FPS & EPS submissions
  • Payslip & report distribution
  • Gross to net reporting
  • Net earnings & pre-tax deductions reporting
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One time set up

Trade a one-off set up for an ongoing investment with Director Pays’ pay run automation. Take a few minutes to set it up for each client, and never touch a director payroll again for the rest of the tax year!

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More control of your payroll

Payroll software accuracy. Reduce human error and risk of processing errors. HMRC compliant.

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Set up once. Automate the entire year.

Director Pays is a payroll system for accountants and payroll bureaux that completely automates manual payroll processes for company director clients without compromising on accuracy, compliance and reporting. After a one-off configuration, our automated pay runs can automate the entire director pay process from end to end. Run payroll for hundreds of director clients at the same time, eliminating the time spent clicking buttons or sending reports and emails each pay run. When we say set and forget - we mean it!

Take control of your workflow

Today’s payroll bureau is often held back by their payroll software - whether it’s server capacity issues, unreliable or corrupted payroll data backups, or simply the frustration of having to remember to configure and send reports each month, for every single client. What if we told you we could eliminate these issues with just a few clicks?

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Payroll automation in your hands

With Director Pays you can take control of your time and decide how much of the payroll process you would like to automate to make your work life easier. You can also pre-select from a list of built-in warnings to pause the payroll automation process if something requires action prior to finalising the pay run. Let automation be your very own personal assistant.

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Set and forget your director pays with confidence

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Easy set up

All it takes is four simple steps to configure the settings to your desired level of automation.

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Save time and costs

With automation in place, you can take on more director payrolls, keeping overhead costs low and requiring no extra resources or time. Let us help you grow your business!

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Quality assurance

With you in the driver’s seat, configured warnings will stop an automation if something needs to be addressed prior to the finalisation of the pay run, ensuring the accuracy of each pay.

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Cloud payroll

All documentation is readily available to your clients from their mobile phone app or employee self service. No paper payslips or printed reports required.

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HMRC Reporting

Send FPS submissions automatically to HMRC at the end of each pay period and set up automated EPS filing each month.

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Automated journal entries

Directly integrate with accounting platforms such as QuickBooks Online, Xero and NetSuite to further streamline client payroll processes, automate journal entries, and remove the need for CSV or excel uploads.

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Payslip distribution

Send notifications to employees automatically after each pay run via email or SMS, giving them instant payslip access.

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