Director National Insurance Calculator

Automatically calculate NI contributions with no manual input required. Avoid human error and automatically report NIC and PAYE information to HMRC.

Director Pays National insurance calculator

HMRC compliant

HMRC compliant, automated director payroll processing and NIC calculations. Apply the relevant NI calculation method to work out National Insurance due.

NIC calculation method

Select the relevant NI calculation method for your client’s pay frequency. Run director payroll in the background and remove manual NIC calculations for the rest of the tax year.

Director Pays National insurance calculator
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Remove human error

  • Automatically pro rata annual thresholds when directors join a limited company part way through the year
  • If calculating on an alternative basis and a director leaves part way through the year, Director Pays switches automatically to an annual but pro rata basis

Accurate HMRC reporting

Peace of mind that data is always accurate and on time. No need to manually submit FPS to HMRC. Automate data to immediately send after each pay run.

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Access true director payroll automation

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