HMRC compliance

Rely on Director Pays to process director payrolls, and report data correctly to HMRC. Remove manual frustrations in HMRC checks, calculations and reporting.


Easily process employee benefits with the relevant P11D and P11D(b) forms, and submission files produced for employees and HMRC. Users can also carry forward the previous year’s employee benefits to the following year, eliminating repetitive work and saving time.

*P11Ds are available as an add on of £7.50 + VAT per submission per person.

Process P11Ds with Director Pays
Accountant working with mobile in office

Tax code updates

No need to manually check tax codes on the HMRC website or update them in the pay run. It’s all applied automatically.

National Insurance calculator

Remove risk of human error with our automated NIC calculator. Ensure NIC calculations are applied correctly according to the director’s pay frequency and scenario.

Director Pays National insurance calculator
Automated RTI settings

Automated RTI

Never have to remember to send FPS files to HMRC after each pay run. The system automatically submits data to HMRC so you don’t have to.

HMRC reports

Don’t rely on manually extracting data from your payroll system. Our EPS, RTI, and P32 reports automatically compile the data required for HMRC reporting.

Director Pays HMRC reports

Access true director payroll automation

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