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Improve director payroll efficiencies

Director payrolls are simple, but as accountants and payroll bureaux take on more clients, more and more time is spent in processing. Traditional payroll software requires bureaux to spend hours repeating the same monotonous tasks and clicking every pay run as part of their services to company directors - time that could be invested into more complex clients.
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You don’t have to do what’s always been done

What if we told you that you could grow your business with automation, operate with compliance confidence and deliver client results on-time every time, regardless of how many director clients you may have?

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The power of Director Pays

Director Pays is a solution tailored specifically for accountants and bureaux processing payroll for company director clients. With a one-off configuration, you can set and forget your director payrolls, automating pay schedules, reporting, pension compliance and payslip distribution. Concerned about accuracy? Bureaux can even automate warnings for added peace of mind, or opt to finalise the pay run manually. Run as many pay runs as you want in the background, with no manual input necessary.

Fully automated HMRC submissions and client reporting

Don’t get caught up in HMRC reporting accuracy. With Director Pays, RTI and FPS submissions are automatically reported to HMRC as part of your configured pay schedule for each client. In addition to this, Director Pays also automatically compiles and sends client requested reports such as Payslip, Gross to Net and Journal reports at the end of a pay run, all handled in the background!

Payslip report

Allows clients to download a PDF or view a web version of the payslips concerning a specific pay run, reducing client requests, on-site storage costs of client data.

Gross to net report

Shows existing pay schedules and provides useful client information including total gross earnings, taxable earnings, loans, NIC, net earnings and PAYE - giving clients complete payroll visibility.

Detailed activity report

Compiles all pay schedules, dates, net earnings, pre-tax deductions and so much more giving clients more flexibility in how they can access their data and bureaux more control over how they deliver their services.

Frustration free setup

Stop struggling with service setup! Whether you want to try us with one client or them all, setup is simple and straightforward all done in four easy steps.

In under 5 minutes, you’ll be set up for the year.

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Save time on your director payroll clients

Payroll tasks - no matter how small - all take time. Company director payroll is relatively simple to process, but each payroll can take up to 5-10 minutes. Multiply those tasks across hundreds of company director clients and the time adds up.  With automated director pays, through a simple one-off configuration, pay calculations, reports and payslip distribution can all be automated, including actually remembering to run payroll - saving bureaux hours repeating the same tasks, over and over again.

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Full payroll accuracy

Director Pays' built-in engine automatically calculates tax and National Insurance, and applies payroll calculations, giving you confidence that your clients’ payroll will be processed correctly, every time, to the exact specifications you set for the entire financial year.

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Quality assurance every time

Concerned about maintaining control of your pay runs? Built-in warnings can be configured to stop the automation, should any data or amendments be required by the bureau. Set payroll on your terms, and only focus on the tasks you want to.

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Remove the tedious company director payroll pain

As your director client base grows, so too does your workload - until now. With an automated system - whether you have 10 clients, or hundreds - with one initial setup per company director, no further bureau interaction is required until the next tax year. No need to invest time and resource into processing new clients, meaning costs are significantly reduced, and valuable time is saved while your business scales.

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Automated journal entries

We provide integration to accounting platforms such as Xero, Quickbooks Online and Netsuite, and a journal service to further streamline client payroll processes. By automating journal entries, you remove the need for CSV or excel uploads, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accuracy. One more step in your service that can be automated by Director Pays.

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Payslip distribution

Tired of sending payslips via email to your clients, with the added frustration of having to remind yourself to do it each pay schedule? With Director Pays, clients can be notified of payslips automatically in real-time through email or SMS without the need to manually email or print and send.

What does this all mean?

Director Pays automates the entire director payroll process from end-to-end, giving bureaux full control to oversee all processes without having to waste time and resources completing repetitive payroll tasks.

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